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Carter Brown Law Firm provides experienced representation in Criminal and Family law matters. Whether you are dealing with divorce, child custody, juveniles matters, personal injury, or you are looking for vigorous criminal defense, challenging a wrongful arrest, or need guidance on employment issues Carter Brown Law Firm has your back. Call day or night to schedule your consultation.

Criminal Law

At Carter Brown Law Firm, we are dedicated to helping people facing all types of criminal charges and ensuring that our clients receive fair treatment. We are passionate about protecting our clients’ rights and upholding the United States Constitution. Our law firm handles felony, misdemeanor, DUI, juvenile and drug offense cases. We practice criminal defense throughout the counties of Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Sonoma, and the greater North Bay Area. When your freedom is at stake, hiring the right attorney is essential, and we are here to help. Call now to schedule a free consultation

We assist Northern California residents with handling the dissolution of a marriage and its aftermath. We understand how stressful and complicated this type of situation can be for you and your children. We ensure that our clients receive the compassionate and dedicated legal counsel that they deserve.

  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Trial Attorney
  • Marijuana Lawyer
  • DUI
  • Drug Crimes
  • Computer Crimes
  • Sexual Assault

Family Law

We are committed to being responsive, thoughtful and prepared from the beginning of a case through its conclusion. Whenever possible, and it often is, we will work to settle issues and entire cases. If trial is the only option, we are prepared to zealously advocate for our clients. Ultimately, we aim to shoulder as much of the burden of the process for our clients as possible. We work with skill, energy and compassion, all of which are focused on getting the best result for your family.

If you need a divorce attorney or guidance in a wide variety of family law matters, including legal separation, child custody, child support, restraining orders, spousal support, visitation rights, adoption, or guardianships, you should reach out to our attorneys to explore how we can help you.

  • Divorce
  • Parentage
  • Child custody
  • Child and spousal support
  • Asset division
  • Domestic violence
  • Civil harassment restraining orders
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